Wednesday, August 14, 2013

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PROMBRON' Black.Russian - car for Russian Oligarchs, who feel nostalgy to Soviet Power and 'tastles chinese coalmine owners' (Lin Jin newspaper).

Both versions of this car - chinese edition and russian edition are painted in brutal black matte color and decorated with solid silver stars - totally 8 for chinese, and 6 for russians.

300 mm longer than standart, 4 door, with two gas tanks, LED lamps this car is for real man and doesn't matter his nationality.

Dartz + Chinese Automobile Trading Company (CATC) = Dartz Prombron Black Russian China Edition.
  • Dartz (Latvian company) is famous for its military-type SUVs.
  • bullet-proof windows
  • 22-inch wheels (heavily layered with Kevlar from the outside) which will add protection when passing through a war zone.
  • Varieties of excellent heavy-duty shielding characteristic = exhaust, badges and gauges (tungsten)
  • matte black paint
  • Rogue Acoustic Audio System
  • Leather upholstery
  • Tray tables
  • LCD screens for passengers at the back
  • Sat-Nav-integrated dash fascia
  • 335kW power
  • 850Nm torque
  • General Motors 8.1-litre supercharged diesel V8
  • Hilly areas, turbulent and battle regions, unusual topography and fields infested with land mines = No Problem
  • Bullet-proof
  • PoP = NO



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