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 We've recently been introduced to the custom bike art of some Vietnamese builders, and now it's time to bring you a new creation of the Tu Thanh Da garage, a sweet Street Tracker.
If you think that you've already seen too many builds based on the Honda CB750F platform, you could very well turn the page, but you'll be missing some really nifty craftsmanship from a country we don't see in the international bike shows too often, if at all.
According to out Vietnamese friend Khoa, the original CB750F was built in '81 and was not exactly a looker. Tu Thanh Da stripped the machine down to nuts and bolts and the first thing they did was to bring the engine up to factory spec, or at least as close to what we'd call a perfect running order.

The 4-cylinder power plant received a complete overhauling, but all the parts were OEM, so the build is really stock. The exhaust cans have been custom made and attached to the wrapped headers.
An ADV handlebar replaced the standard one for a more sporty and comfortable riding position, and the instrumentation also changed with a smaller gauge. The front end was cleaned up even more, with the original headlight giving way to a very cool triangular unit which adds a special note of bespoke trim to the old Honda.

The suspensions are stock, but the frame received some re-working to match the rest of the build. A yellow chassis is a thing we were not expecting, but it goes very well with the black rims and the crimson paint of the hand-made metal tank.
We also loved to see steel-braided brake lines on a 30-years-old bike and we believe that some petal rotors would have made this CB750 look even nicer. Definitely a head turner.


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