Wednesday, September 25, 2013

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Thuderbike is yet again surprising us; this time they’ve helped the guys at Custom-Wolf develop this amazing bike as a Tribute to Porsche; what resulted was most intriguing, aggressive and ultimately a cool ride. We’re not talking about tuning here; we’re dealing with a true custom bike, with every part especially build for this project. The engine comes with S&S Cycles – a powerful 1,851cc engine mated to a 5-speed H-D Softail transmission.
The very cool-looking Glow headlight is a nice touch; so are the Kawasaki ZX-10R front calipers, rear Buell rotor and the Motogadget M-Unit E-box and instrument cluster – original, as it’s embedded in the air-box cover. Thunderbike helped, remember? They manufactured the fork and the fearsome wheels, handlebar and foot rests, as well as the chin. Custom-Wolf worked their magic crafting the exhaust, fuel and oil tanks, rear fender and swing-arm, grips and switching. The frame is a MMS/ Custom-Wolf creation – of course – with Legend Air suspension.
Marcus Pfeil set on amazing us again, thus he is the one responsible for the impressive paintwork displaying Porsche themes and iconic faces in the history of the legendary sports cars manufacturer. Love the bike, but I could actually do without the Porsche references; still, the cool factor is off the charts!


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