Saturday, September 14, 2013

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What do you get when a mechanical engineer student with a passion for cars gets his hands on a Ducati motorcycle? This beautifully crafted Ducati S2R800 Duc Soup (derives from DUCati and Soup).
Former student and motorcycle enthusiast Manuel Ayllon decided to build this vehicle for his final year project at Instituto Catolico de Artes e Industria in Madrid. The 23 year old mechanical engineer got some help from both Todd Silicato (owner of Todd’s Cycle in Hawaii) and Anthony Keeling (owner of Chassis Design Co. in Riverside, CA) for the project. 
The idea behind the concept was to question the use of so many unnecessary bike components used during the building process, specifically Manuel wanted to know, ” Why are bikes so heavy and complicated when it is not strictly necessary?” With that being said, he stripped this Ducati down to its bare essentials. The end result is a head turning motorcycle that weighs in at 155kg with a full tank of gas. Check out some of the photos of the Ducati below.


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