Thursday, September 26, 2013

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If not a smartphone, there’s a smartwatch you can use. But soon enough, another smart product will be more popular: a Smart Shirt.

The Smart Shirt Hexoskin is a tight fitting body shirt that is equipped with a lot of sensors. Data measured are then transmitted to a smartphone via an adapter in real time. Data can also be viewed on a browser-based software by Hexoskin.

The Hexoskin was launched on Indiegoo and seems like it has a lot of supporters. The goal of Hexoskin is to evaluate sports training, measurement during the day, stress levels, and even analyze sleep habits.
The best thing about the Hexoskin Smart T-Shirt is that it can be worn easily sans the cables, wires, or straps. Just like any ordinary t-shirt, this one is machine washable.

If you wish to support the project from Canada, send your help via indiegogo. Target delivery date is January 2014.


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