Friday, September 13, 2013

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Nissan revealed at this year's Frankfurt auto show a rather interesting product for a car manufacturer. One of Nissan's key elements for the show was an innovative watch developed under the Nismo brand. The Nissan Nismo watch is the first so-called smartwatch that is able to always keep you connected to your car.
Nissan says that the new Nismo watch is intended to offer biometric data with the goal of enhancing the driver's performance and efficiency. The watch basically monitors your heart and brain signals. Nissan's Nismo watch will allow you to monitor such vehicle data as average speed, fuel consumption, and telematics and performance data on the track. The Nismo watch connects to the car via Bluetooth using a smartphone app.
Apart from these capabilities, the Nismo watch is going to let you connect with your favorite social network too. The Nismo watch is going to be available in three different colors (black, white and a black and red combination). Nissan did not announce the price of the new Nismo watch yet.


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