Tuesday, September 17, 2013

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Patria, the Finnish defense company, says it is pursuing a new design concept for its future armored wheeled vehicles.

The concept is built on the success of its 8x8 armored modular vehicle, an armored personnel carrier, which has been ordered by seven countries.

Unique features of the concept for future vehicles include modular architecture, allowing easy vehicle adaptation to various roles, a more efficient payload capacity and an integrated terrain control system.
Patria said its future vehicles will be able to operate a 120mm mortar system.

"The new vehicle concept with very high standards has been provided by us at Patria, a company with the proven track record and solid owners committed to take care of the life-cycle support of its products," said Seppo Seppala, president, Patria Land Systems and Land Services. "The unique technology know-how is a very valuable asset for us in the future and ... we want to provide even better vehicles for our customers in future."

Patria announced its concept for its future vehicles at a defense and security equipment exhibition last week in England.



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