Monday, September 09, 2013

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Old as the Piaggio brand may be, this does not mean it has to remain stuck into the past. And since Piaggio's scooters are among the planet's favorite, here's a new approach to 21st century scooter design from Simone Mandella: the Piaggio PAM.
Just like Daniel Munnink's Neos, it's down to a three-wheeler, but Simone went for a classic trike architecture, one front wheel. If you remember the now demised BMW C1 enclosed scooter, you'll be happy to learn that the PAM comes with the same "better protection against elements" mindframe, though with a different, modern approach.
The generous windshield now acts like a HUD, comprising both riding and vehicle essential data and navigation. Completely feasible, as the HUD technology is actually becoming more and more refined, it would really be a small surprise seeing it implemented in scooters really soon.
Smart features such as seat and hand controls calibration, photovoltaic panels all over the exposed surfaces and airbags are also used by Simone Mandella in his take on the future Piaggio PAM. The C1 kicked the bucket, but a lot has happened in the decade since its demise, so we might just see these scooters making a comeback.


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