Friday, September 20, 2013

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Apple fans will distinctly remember the iTable that went viral back in 2010. It was like a massive iPhone, but it turns out the product was nothing more than a hoax, a video made using special effects. Now the team knows there is a huge demand for such a product, and they have decided to dive in with an actual prototype for their TableConnect.
TableConnect is essentially a table that mirrors everything on your iPhone, allowing you to control your phone right from the screen of the table. Android users fret not, as the innovation team was quite clear that not only are they looking to make TableConnect compatible with iOS devices, but also Android powered devices as well. 
The table will feature an 1080p LED touchscreen that is available in both a 60″ size along with a smaller 32″ offering. Although the newly released demo video shows the iPhone being connected via a 30-pin connector, TableConnect promises not only wireless Bluetooth connectivity, but also Wi-Fi and HDMI connectivity as well. You can even stand the table upright if your heart desires. To help users navigate, TableConnect will have several home and orientation buttons located along the outer edges. The concept certainly looks promising.


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