Wednesday, September 11, 2013

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 The Street Fleet is the stunning new creation from Slovenia’s Team3 Motorcycles. The bike was created by Nejc Brezovsek and a very mighty proof that custom fighters aren’t by far gone. By the looks of it, we need quite a few more! The frame is the most striking element of this build, to say the least; it’s made from stainless steel as a prototype unit and this chassis from Street Fleet is beautifully complemented by a custom single-sided swingarm, both handmade.
The only question remaining is: how comfortably would I be riding it? Well, either way, the Fleet chassis holds a brawny RevTech 125cui (2,050cc) v-twin 135 hp engine and a 6-speed RevTech transmission operated via a hydraulic-actuation clutch. The tank is custom fashioned from carbon fiber; the cool thing is that the bike comes with a reserve one. In line with the fuel tank, the oil tank is also hand-made to fit the Fleet.
Ohlins was responsible for the front-end; the bike received ISR 320mm front rotors, squeezed by a 4-pot Brembo caliper, a 2-piston Brembo unit care for the 300mm rear disc, magnesium rims – a 17″ Marvic Penta in the front and an 18″ Oz Chrono in the rear (both with Metzeler tires). While this beast is probably faster than the Ghost Rider and may prove difficult to control even by the seasoned motorcycle riders, the sound that the Fleet generates could put a dumb smile on any face – that’s before the fall and cracked ribs.


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