Thursday, September 05, 2013

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Urwerk has developed a new EMC watch (“Electro Mechanical Control”), featuring a 43mm width x 51mm length x 15.8mm height satin-finished titanium and steel case that comprises a manually wound movement. The UR-EMC caliber features an electronic rate monitor as well. Why? Well, watch enthusiasts – or picky customers – are aware of the fact that changes in position and temperature, as well as shocks, can and will affect the timing regularity of a wristwatch; in other words, all those little influences will affect your watch’s accuracy in time.
That EMG gizmo from Urwerk enables the wearer to not only obtain the precise timing rate on demand, but also to then use that information to accurately adjust the precision of the watch. The Precision indicator (upper left) provides an instantaneous display of precision expressed in +/- seconds per day. This sort of capability is the preserve of professional watchmakers, but now anyone with an EMC watch will now have similar capabilities, thanks to the watch’s incredibly complex hybrid electronic/mechanical architecture. I think you can all appreciate the concept; I sure can!

EMC’s monitoring unit is powered by a micro-generator — several cranks on the lever and electrical energy generated is stored in a super capacitor (incorporated into the case)For a watch that will reportedly sell for around $120,000, a fine concept it may be, but it’s a bit over the top for me. You can decide for yourself about the value of the Urwerk EMC after checking out the pics and info below.


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