Thursday, November 28, 2013

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The Brazilian Army's Logistic Command received its first five launching vehicles (Universal Multiple Launcher: AV-LMU) of the ASTROS Mk 6 (Artillery Saturation Rocket System) multiple launch rocket system (MLRS), a key part of Brazil's ASTROS 2020 project.

The equipment was delivered as 'pre-delivery inspection' vehicles and final delivery is slated for early 2014, a Brazilian Army spokesperson told IHS Jane's.

Ultimately, the ASTROS 2020 MLRS is meant to give Brazil's army a high-precision, long-range fire support asset that could notionally bolster deterrence along Brazil's massive borders.

The first partially equipped battery will be inducted in February 2014 and be outfitted with six AV-LMUs, one ammunition resupply vehicle (AV-RMD), one battalion-level command-and-control vehicle (AV-VCC: for co-ordination of three batteries), and one meteorological mobile station (AV-MET), the spokesperson added.

The systems will be operated by a Missiles and Rockets Group to be established in Formosa, State of Goiás, where the three batteries of ASTROS II Mk 3s are based and operated by the 6st Multiple Launchers Rockets Group, which will be renamed as 6st Missiles and Rockets Group. Deliveries are expected to conclude in 2018.
Development of the system, acquisition of three batteries, and development of AV-TM 300 tactical cruise missile - with maximum range of 300 km - and AV-SS-40G guided rocket were all awarded to local company Avibras Indústria Aeroespacial in separate contracts as part of ASTROS 2020 project.

A full battery of the ASTROS Mk 6 system is to be composed of six AV-LMUs, six AV-RMDs, one battery-level command-and-control vehicle (AV-PCC), one AV-MET, one vehicle with radar for fire-control (AV-UCF), and one mobile workshop (AV-OFVE), the Brazilian Army told IHS Jane's. A tracking radar system for the AV-UCF unit is in the final step of specification.

ASTROS Mk 6s include an armoured cabin mounted into Tatra Trucks T-815 series 6x6 and 4x4 chassis, which are outfitted with mission modules, smoke grenade launchers, a 12.7 mm weapon mount, digital communications, man-machine interface, navigation, and battle management system. It is able to fire current unguided saturation rockets.

As part of ASTROS 2020, a contract to upgrade ASTROS II Mk 3s to the Mk 3M configuration is scheduled to be awarded soon to Avibras. [via]


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