Wednesday, February 12, 2014

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On February 6, the detachment Cepa/10S for the first time made shots MU90 torpedo training from a marine Cayman. Two shots, a stationary followed by a second in translation, were "held in the normal way" according to the Navy. They should allow, and the following, check the conformity of the system and its support.

Qualification of the NH90 NFH-navy version of the device developed by NHI with torpile MU90 should happen quickly. The first experimental flight was held on 5 September 2013. The MU90 is a lightweight torpedo - 317 kg with accessories launch - for anti-submarine warfare.

The NH90 is a twin-engine military 11 tonnes. Today share three industrial manufacturing through the joint venture called NH Industries (Nato Helicopter Industries), created in 1992: Airbus Helicopters with 62.5% share (split 50-50 between France and Germany ), AgustaWestland 32% and finally the industrial Dutch Fokker for the remaining 5.5%. [via]


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