Thursday, February 13, 2014

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Already established in Asia-Pacific, the Swedish industrialist Saab intends to strengthen its position in the area. "Our goal is to sign a huge contract in this region of the world every two years," explained Dan Enstedt today, Saab CEO of Asia Pacific. The leader was speaking during a press conference held at the Singapore Airshow.

For the company carries today "about 65% of its turnover" international, Asia-Pacific (excluding India) represents a major growth axis. "We want to achieve 25% of our sales in the area in recent years," said Dan Enstedt.

In aeronautics, "mega-contracts" that focus on hunting Saab sales "Gripen aircraft and radar," said the officer. Thailand has already acquired twelve and two Gripen Saab 340 AEW aerial reconnaissance. "The head of the local Air Force Staff wants to buy six more Gripen. We have extensive discussions about it and I think we may soon sign a contract," said Dan Enstedt.

Malaysia is another major prospect in the area. "We have a dialogue with Kuala Lumpur on the Gripen," says the CEO of Saab Asia Pacific. "It is too early to say whether we will offer the Gripen C / D or the new Gripen E", however says the officer. However, other sources suggest that it is the current Gripen C / D is proposed to Malaysia, not the Gripen E currently in development.
Malaysian air force also seeks to acquire an overhead watch, which need Saab intends to meet with the Erieye system. This is especially compete with C295 AEW & proposed by Airbus Defence & Space C.

Saab also said it was in talks with "four or five countries" in the area about his Saab 340 MSA maritime surveillance . According to Dan Enstedt, this region would also be conducive to launch a maritime patrol aircraft (MPA), Saab has already been proposed in the past on a Saab 2000. "The most important part for us remains the mission system, not the platform," says the CEO, however, suggesting that Saab could propose solutions based on other devices. [via]


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