Monday, March 31, 2014

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The Royal Thai Army is considering the purchase of two new types of multiple rocket launcher systems from China, according to the Canada-based Kanwa Defense Weekly.

Kanwa said Thailand is likely to import WS-1B and WS-32 launchers from China, which will be renamed the DTI-1 and the DTI-1G respectively. The striking range of the two systems are 180 and 150km respectively.
In addition to the rocket systems, Thailand has also signed a contract with China to connect its DTI-1G with the Beidou Navigation System, according to the report. The satellite system can ensure an accuracy to within 50 meters of their target.

Thailand originally planned to assemble six DTI-1G multiple rocket launchers domestically under license from Beijing. Now, the Royal Thai Army has decided to introduce one DTI-1 directly from China and assemble another domestically. The number of DTI-1Gs on hand will drop to three.


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