Wednesday, December 03, 2014

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Koenigsegg don’t build motorcycles, but you can be sure that if they did, they’d be amazing. Like their cars, any Koenigsegg motorcycle would probably employ all sorts of high-tech components, lightweight materials, and a brutally powerful engine.

Quite what a Koenigsegg motorcycle would look like is anyone’s guess. Koenigsegg have their own individual no-nonsense style, and being such a young company there’s not much heritage to call on for inspiration.
Russian designer Burov Art, has theorized one possible design direction for a Koenigsegg-branded bike. It looks extremely futuristic, very expensive, and dripping in expensive components. Unusual design highlights include the almost fully enclosed fairings, stubby rear dual exhausts, extremely short tail, retro-style dual rear shocks and simple yet effective headlight design.

There’s a fair bit of the Daniel Simon designed Lotus C-01 motorcycle evident in the concept too. But as far as super/sports car inspired two-wheelers go, the Koenigsegg motorcycle concept is very appealing.


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