Saturday, December 13, 2014

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Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies (KRET) held an expanded session on ensuring the operational safety and airworthiness of the Yak-130 modern combat training aircraft. KRET continues to upgrade the avionics for the highly advanced aircraft.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Russian Defense Ministry, the Irkut Corporation, KRET management, and some companies which supply unique equipment for the Yak-130.

The Yak-130 was developed as an aircraft to be used specifically for the training of future pilots. Its highly  reliable KRET integrated control system (ICS) with its reprogramming capability allows the pilot to prepare not only for flights in the Su-30 and MiG-29, but also in the F-16, F-15, Rafale and Typhoon, the F-22, and the F- 35.

“KRET enterprises regularly conduct activities to improve the quality of its products, as well as participate in meetings on improving the reliability and maintainability of the Yak-130,” said KRET CEO. “In October 2014, a plan was finalized to increase the serviceability of the aircraft, which was handed over to the Irkut Corporation, where the final assembly of the aircraft takes place.”
In November 2014, the Russian Air Force received three Yak-130 aircraft with avionics upgraded by KRET designers. The aircraft are equipped with a single digital avionics system and modern navigations, flight, and combat avionics systems. For the Yak-130, KRET developed the KSU-130 integrated flight control system with quadruple redundancy. The integrated digital control system, in cooperation with the crew and onboard equipment provides manual and automatic piloting of the aircraft.

The training aircraft was also upgraded with other KRET high-tech equipment, including the BINS-SP-1 laser strapdown inertial navigation system. The system is intended for spatial orientation, determining an aircraft’s location, and the complex processing and provision of navigation and flight information.

The Yak-130’s universal performance characteristics, which were achieved also thanks to KRET’s modern avionics solutions, make this aircraft attractive not only for Russian but also for foreign customers. Leaders of countries in the Middle East and Central Asia have long been interested in this training aircraft.


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