Monday, December 22, 2014

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For most of us, the word “scooter” still probably conjures up youthful toys that we rode into the ground over summer break. But Ninebot One is threatening to infuse the word with more cool clout than we ever could’ve guessed.

This is a battery-powered, self-balancing, one-wheeled transportation device that looks like it came out of a George Lucas film (just not American Graffiti). But no, it comes from a Beijing-based company that has used a magnesium alloy frame and non-slip pedals to create something unique. So how fast can it go? The Ninebot One promises a clip of 10-12.5 miles per hour with a maximum range of 18 miles. Charging up the 28-pound scooter takes 1-2 hours. It features iridescent lights that can be set to show different effects, and you can further customize the device with multiple colors for the shell. 


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