Sunday, December 07, 2014

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 The Russian tractor manufacturer ZIL has unveiled a prototype version of a lightly armored personnel carrier which is said to have been commissioned by the Russian army, and could enter service in the next couple of years.

The strangely proportioned, and as-yet unnamed ZIL army vehicle is based on a Humvee chassis. But the cabin is like something out of a straight-to-DVD, low-budget sci-fi flick. The v-shaped bottom of the vehicle is similar in design to many modern military vehicles, and is designed to deflect the blast of a concealed mine. Although judging by the thickness of the doors, there isn’t a whole lot of armor plating. Those big windows and skinny pillars also don’t look up to the job of protecting the occupants from incoming fire – or saving them in the event of a roll-over either.

From the outside it might look like it came from the future. But take a look underneath (or inside) and it’s more 1980s then 21st century. The suspension system uses leaf springs, which are a far cry from some of the more advanced setups being brought in on the next-generation of armored cars. It also has drum brakes.

The interior features school cafeteria seats with the legs cut off, a crudely fabricated dashboard, several tv monitors connected to exterior cameras. It’s capable of hauling up to ten troops into battle. Two up front, six sitting sideways in the middle section, and two facing rearwards at the back. It also has upward swinging side doors, and a large clamshell doors at the rear.

Powering the ZIL armoured car concept is a Cummins inline 4-cylinder diesel engine producing 183 horsepower. The transmission is a five-speed manual which sends power to all four wheels.


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