Tuesday, December 16, 2014

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The Hongjian-9, also known as the AFT-9A anti-tank missile launcher, has the capability to destroy all tanks and armoured vehicles around the world according to our sister newspaper, Want Daily.

Designed by the China North Industries Corporation, the AFT-9A's laser-guided missile claims to have an armor penetration of 1,200mm. This makes the AFT-9A a true tank killer that can penerate all types of armors currently in use. When facing non-armored point targets, bunkers and fortifications, the AFT-9A's missile can be fitted with either high-explosive warheads or thermal effect warheads. The maximum firing range of the missile is 5,000 meters.
China has devoted huge amounts of resources in developing tanks and armored vehicles for the People's Liberation Army for future conflict.

One unnamed defense expert told state-run China National Radio that the HJ-12 is the other deadly tank killer in the Chinese arsenal. Run using a fire-and-forget system which does not require further guidance after launch of a missle, the expert said that HJ-12 can reduce the number of casualties on the battlefield because fewer crews are needed to operate it. It also allows operators to immediately take cover or reload to engage another target as another missle is going off. When engaging enemy tanks and armoured vehicles, the HJ-12 aims to destroy the top of its targets which the expert said is the more vulverable point.

The HJ-12 can be used to shoot down enemy helicopter in low altitude.


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