Tuesday, January 06, 2015

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Extra maintenance equipment for Gripen fighters are being supplied to the Hungarian Air Force by the Swedish Defense and Security Export Agency.

The agency did not specify the equipment to be provided under a supplement agreement to a Gripen lease contract that runs until 2026, but said the gear will "strengthen Hungary's capacity for taking part in international operations."

The Gripen, made by Saab, is a single-engine multi-role fighter with a maximum speed of 1,370 miles per hour at altitude, a combat radius of 497 miles and a service ceiling of 50,000 feet.

Hungary leases 14 C/D variants of the aircraft and has done so since 2001.

This coming September, the Hungarian Air Force will monitor the airspace of Baltic states as part of NATO operations. The Swedish agency said Hungary needs the extra maintenance equipment in order to do so.

The value of the supplementary agreement an estimated $1.26 million.


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