Tuesday, February 03, 2015

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Russia is continuing development work on a range of innovative automated machines to optimize the performance of its armed forces in the field. The army is successfully using a whole range of machines and some technical models are being tested.

In November the Russian Defense Ministry reiterated its intention to develop robotic systems and use them for military purposes. According to the ministry, the robots will begin actively "storming" the army in 2017-2018, and by 2025 approximately 30 percent of all military technology in the Russian Armed Forces will consist of robotic hardware. However, development work on many robots is virtually complete, and a number of them are already in service.
The universal soldier: Platform-M
Platform-M is the latest robotic combat system, created to fight without entering into contact with the opponent. Its creators say the system is a universal combat unit, capable of carrying out reconnaissance and patrol missions, as well as guarding important sites.

Thanks to its weaponry, Platform-M can also be used as gun support. Its aiming mechanism works automatically, without human assistance. Platform-M may be a miniature robot but it is a fierce one: It is armed with a grenade launcher and a machine gun. "The little one" has already proven itself during drills in Kaliningrad last summer and is now being introduced to the armed forces.


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