Tuesday, August 20, 2013

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The latest addition to Harry Winston’s stunning Project Z series is the Project Z6 Blue Edition, a timepiece that beautifully combines a unique design with high performance and high end watchmaking. This wonderful watch is built on Harry Winston’s mechanical, hand wound caliber HW1010 which consists of 338 parts.

Besides looking this great, the Project Z6 Blue Edition can also wake you up thanks to its alarm function that’s present in all watches from the Project Z6 Series. The alarm is really complex, featuring a minute repeater style hammer that strikes a gong and produces a crisp sound. It’s quite a show, that can be both heard and seen. The hammer if fixed to the case to show the alarm ringing and enhance sound transmission.

The “Z” in the Project Z series stands for Zalium and that’s an extremely light, non allergenic, aerospace-type zirconium alloy that’s even harder than titanium. The case of this stunning Blue Edition, just like other timepieces from the Z series, is made from this bespoke material and apart from this, the watch also comes with a DLC (diamond like carbon) finish that further enhances its resistance.

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