Tuesday, August 20, 2013

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After witnessing immense success in Japan and Europe, Sony has given a new spin to its Vaio laptops with a special-edition version in a glossy ‘Ferrari-red finish’. The stunning new machines will be available to its clients in the US too albeit in limited quantity. The Sony Vaio Red Edition will include three models; Fit 15, the Pro 13 and the Duo 13 slider. All three models will sport the Ferrari red color but the painting process and pigment combinations vary, depending on whether the machine is made of carbon fiber or aluminum. After several coats of red, the end result is achieved with a durable protective UV coating for that extra sheen and depth.
Spec-wise, the machines will all come with Core i7 processors and 1080p touchscreens, exceptional camera quality and audio technology. The difference with the Fit 15 will be its 12GB of RAM, a 2GB GPU, Blu-ray drive and 256GB SSD, while the other two models have 8 gigs of memory and 512GB SSDs. The Vaio Fit 15 also offers a hybrid hard drive and an optical drive that reads and writes Blu-ray Disc media.

Other additions include the ArtRage Studio (Vaio Duo includes ArtRage Studio Pro), the premiere digital arts software, VaioMovie Creator, are touch-enabled and unlock the full potential of Windows 8.

Pricing is as state-of-the-art with the Fit 15 starting at $2,000, the Pro 13 for $2,600 and the Duo 13 for $3,000.


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