Friday, August 23, 2013

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 Smith Optics is known for its goggles, sunglasses, and snowsports helmets. Today, the Sun Valley, Idaho, company revealed a helmet made for mountain biking.

The FOREFRONT is not just another hard hat. Built to be light and better protective, the company uses a “patented tubular core structure” material called Koroyd.

The green Koroyd material is said to absorb 30% more energy on impact compared to industry standard EPS foam. The open pattern material also lets air through, making the helmet ostensibly cooler than a solid foam competitor.

Smith gave just a sneak peek this week. The helmet does not ship to stores until early 2014. It will cost $220.

As a bonus, the FOREFRONT has mounts on top for a camera and a bike light. There’s a goggle retention clip on back. It’s lightweight, too, spec’d at 285 grams — that’s comparable to a road-bike helmet you might wear.


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