Wednesday, August 14, 2013

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You know those  dudes that jump around the gym, in front of the mirror, hitting imaginary enemies and probably getting their a$$ kicked even in their own imagination? Well, someone thought of them and tried to offer them the possibility to avoid the daily embarassement.. are they gonna take up on the offer? Who knows.. I hope they don’t, I enjoy a good laugh.
Regardless, I know how monotonous the day in and day out gym routines can get – at least for others, I’m having fun with it. Some may want to skip the daily grind and opt for the Nexersys Boxing Training System instead; it’s supposed to help you stay in shape while improving your stand up game. It looks like a Wii for the gym, if you ask me.
The Nexersys Boxing Training System is a boxing and MMA inspired exercise equipment, available in both a home and pro version; of course, each of the models features a different array of video workouts right on the built-in screen. No need to worry, there are plenty of workouts to go around – complete with virtual on-screen trainer -  ranging from beginner all the way to advanced to hit cardio, technique, and of course your core.
For a truly realist and efficient training, the highly responsive seven strike pads are equipped with accelerometers to provide real time feedback, history, and – supposedly – results. One thing worth mentioning is the Nexersys is the innovative avatar sparring, which allows you to engage in Strike Training. You might have fun getting into shape with this gadget, but I’m old school; I think motivation adn hard work is the key to a fit body. If you disagree, get your own Nexersys Boxing Training System from Amazon.


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