Thursday, August 29, 2013

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Harking back to an old Iron Maiden live album (Live After Death), or maybe to Judas Priest's classic rock theme Living After Midnight, Ferry's Live After Harley machine is a truly spectacular display of fluid lines and menacing design we instantaneously fell in love with.

Live After Harley was entered in the 2013 AMD World Championship by Hungary's Ferry Custom Bikes workshop. Based on a modified Zodiac Black Prince frame, Live After Harley got 6 extra degrees of rake and now has a -2" (5 cm) stretch.
The custom swingarm is as evil as it gets, with its arched design perfectly complementing the opposing arch of the dual exhausts. The bodywork was hand-made by Ferry, and this also includes the triple tree and fork covers, oil and aluminium fuel tank and of course, the fenders and the 6-LED headlight.

Ferry went for an 117cui (1,917cc) X-Wedge power unit form S&S, mated to a TPD RSD tranny. Avon whitewalled 130 and 280 tires shod the RC Comp 23" and 20" front and rear rims, respectively. Brakes came from Performance Machine in the front, while the rear pulley rotor is a RC one.

With the Live After Harley proudly showing off a dash of art deco lines, enjoy the pics after the jump. Of, and we're talking about a fully rideable street bike, too!


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