Tuesday, September 24, 2013

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Cafe-racers derived from Sportsters are anything but commonly met in the custom scene, and we're sorry to say that only a few such bikes really make it past "somewhat acceptable" mark. If there was some sort of "How to cafe-racerize you Sportster" manual, then Bull Motorcycles' Zephyr is definitely one of the main chapters.

With almost nothing remaining in a shape close to the stock state, the Zephyr has received a completely new character which is simply astonishing. Forget eye candy paintwork, forget all the bling: we're talking badass pure metal looks which are as cool as they are classy.

Bull's Justin Powers stripped the Sportster entirely, and modified the frame to accommodate the S&S Cycles Sidewinder big bore kit which took displacement to 1450cc (89 cui). Adjustable pushrods came in place, together with a Dyna ignition for a different heartbeat.
The swingarm received reinforcements matching the rest of the build, while every cover which could be machined got a fin design. The cases, primary and the minimalist bodywork show their cool metal shine, with a special satin "chameleon" bronze frame which shifts color according to the light.

Custom contrast cut wheels received Russell rotors and ISR brakes (controls and master cylinders), while a flared stainless steel 2-into-1 exhaust was also fabricated. Add in the steel braided oil and brake lines for a perfect match, and a classic, yet very racey seat pan and rear cowl, a Wide Glide fork with los-swung bars and you've got an awesome bike, even if hard to recognize as a Harley. Via Bike Exif.


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