Friday, December 12, 2014

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From 1st to 4th December 2014, pilots of the French Navy Naval Aviation Practical Experimentation Center (centre d’expérimentations pratiques de l’aéronautique navale - CEPA) participated in the first evaluation campaign of the Rafale's future F3R standard. This campaign allowed the French Navy to test the fire control of the new MBDA Meteor long range air to air missile in an operational context (while in flight) and to propose improvements to the system.

Thanks to the range of the Meteor missile and the detection range of the new active electronically scanned array (AESA) RBE2 radar, Rafale F3R will have an unmatched interception capability.

Compared to the latest F3 standard currently in service, the future F3R standard will also allow the Rafale M to carry the new laser designation pod in its air to ground missions and a new refueling pod essential in operations around the CSG (carrier strike group).

The first Rafale M F3R is expected to enter operational service with the French Navy around 2020.


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