Thursday, December 11, 2014

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QinetiQ has secured a contract to provide support for the testing and acceptance trials for Artful, the third and latest Astute-class nuclear-powered submarine of the Royal Navy.

QinetiQ will support four separate work packages addressing a variety of trials to support Acoustic, Magnetic signatures, weapon discharge and electronic warfare calibration which will be conducted on QinetiQ managed ranges and in the open sea. QinetiQ has a long and successful history of providing extensive test and evaluation services for ships and submarines including the previous two Astute class and the Type 45 Destroyers.

Gary Dunn, Requirements Manager Sea Trials, Submarine Production Team, MoD, said: “In awarding this contract we were looking for more efficient and effective ways of delivering the trials programme with a strong emphasis on improving value for money. In addition due to the nature of acceptance and testing programmes we need to work with a supplier capable of dealing with short term changes of plan. We selected QinetiQ because they have delivered a significant reduction in the defined programme costs, underpinned by their ability to manage a complex programme in a highly flexible and responsive manner.”
The acceptance and testing trials will cover static and underway acoustic signature measurements, magnetic signature measurements and optimisation, weapon discharge and electronic warfare calibration.

QinetiQ will manage the range infrastructures and all aspects of range safety whilst coordinating the required skilled personnel and facilities including those of its subcontractors. QinetiQ will also gather information throughout the programme to produce comprehensive reports at the end of each trial to support both the acceptance and the operational handover of the submarine to the Royal Navy. QinetiQ will work closely with the submarine and provide specific knowledge and expertise in areas such as acoustics and magnetics as necessary.
Phil Metcalfe, Head of Stealth Information and Range Services, QinetiQ, said: “We have developed a long and fruitful relationship with the MoD sea trials team and are very pleased to be working on the third of the Astute class of submarines. We are constantly looking at ways to improve the value we deliver and increase the efficiency of the testing and acceptance trials by reducing costs, generating actionable information and improving the whole process.”


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