Monday, December 15, 2014

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One of our contenders for 2014 Word of the Year has to be “hydrofoil.” Seems like retractable hydrofoils have been showing up on yacht prototypes left and right, and yet somehow, we’re still in awe when we look at them.

Swiss hydrofoil manufacturer Hydros is ready to wow the world with the HY-X, a scaled-down prototype of what’s planned to be a 41-foot yacht that will offer two boating (and one floating) experiences in one exorbitant pleasurecraft. Hydros has received an assist in the designing phase from French firm JMKoncept, and the result is quite impressive. When you want a break from the traditional motor, a push of a button deploys the two side foils into the water, raising the boat about a meter (3.3 ft) above the surface and cutting down drag, which lets you go faster, easier. The 20.5-ft prototype uses a pair of 35 hp engines, and the craft can reach up to 30 knots (34.4 mph).


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