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Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces (RVSN) plan to carry out 14 launches next year, 9 of which will be test launches, RVSN Commander Colonel General Sergei Karakayev told reporters on Tuesday.

“A total of 14 launches are planned for 2015 - for the flight tests of advanced weapons samples and controlling technical readiness of missile systems adopted for service,” he said on the eve of the 55th anniversary of RVSN creation.

According to Karakayev, the number of test launches next year is to be increased to 9. Another 5 launches will pursue other goals - missile scrapping with simultaneous launch of a spacecraft, service life extension and checkout firing.
The RVSN commander also said that 24 Yars mobile and fixed land-based missile systems are planned to be delivered to the troops in 2015. According to him, 16 Yars missile systems were delivered to the troops in 2014: 12 - mobile land-based and 4 - silo-based systems.

“The preparation for rearmament of new missile regiments in accordance with 2015 plans is underway. The state defence order envisages further development of the RVSN striking power. Much is planned to be done next year,” Karakayev said. According to him, the research and development work for the creation the Yars modernised strategic missile systems is nearing completion.

The three-stage Yars missile is Russia’s newest mobile intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) complex. The system was first tested in 2007. Though most of its characteristics are classified, open information suggests that it can deliver at least four thermonuclear warheads weighing 300 kilotons each to a target located 11,000 kilometres away. 
The complex is solid-fuel based, and its boost phase is much shorter compared to previous generation missiles. RS-24 Yars has “adaptive” missile shield piercing capacity and its warheads are manoeuvrable - making it highly unlikely to be intercepted. Karakayev also said Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces (RVSN) will carry out 2 test launches this December.
“In December 2014, it is planned to carry out 2 missile test launches. 

The test firing is aimed at confirming the flight technical characteristics and extension of the service life of the existing missile systems, as well as experimental development of new combat equipment,” he said on the eve of the 55th anniversary of the RVSN creation.
Karakayev said that this year the Strategic Missile Forces have conducted a total of 8 combat training and test launches of missiles.


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